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Media Spokesperson & Professional Speaker

  • Conducting on-air and online media spokesperson work on a variety of topics ranging from nutrition news to family meal planning
  • Simulation and training for nutrition and food staff focusing on food photography & video creation
  • Evaluating nutrition and food staff current social media strategy and refining message delivery and platform engagement
  • Speaking on topics relevant to the needs of nutrition/health professionals, as well as food marketing teams. Topics include but are not limited to:
    • Let’s Go Live! Leveraging Live Video for Food & Nutrition Communications
    • Video Basics: An Introduction to Video Production Basics
    • Food in Focus: A Blogger’s Guide to Better Food Photography and Styling
    • Mastering Your Domain: Using Technology to Grow Your Business Online
    • Dietitian Disclosure Dilemma — The Business & Ethics of Communicating Corporate Ties
    • On Set Strategy: Top Tips for TV Food Props that Make the Most of Your Message
    • Inside the Life of a Food Trend
    • Building a Better Blog

Recipe Development, Food Photography & Video Creation

  • Developing, testing and photographing taste-centric, healthful recipes showcasing current food trends and the latest nutrition knowledge
  • Producing quick-prep food/recipe videos
  • Revising and refreshing existing recipes to reflect healthier cooking techniques and flavor profiles
  • Calculating nutritional analysis for recipes and menus

Nutrition Communications Academy – Personalized Blogger & Influencer Education and Coaching

  • Consult one-on-one with registered dietitian and healthy living influencers to establish a basic understanding of blogging/social media best practices
  • Educate clients on the basic tools and techniques needed to maximize their visual communications strategy through food photography and video integration
  • Strategize ideas for blog- and influencer-related revenue generation
  • Review communicator’s legal and ethical requirements related to Disclosure and “nofollow”

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